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Design/Build – The Four Square Way


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The design/build process is a perfect fit for custom home construction. From paper to paint, we build homes that we intimately know. The static between designer/architect and builder in a typical building relationship can drive up the cost of construction and lead to conflicted design decisions. We believe that a consistent eye and voice throughout the construction process results in a more fluid, connected home that is more affordable and better built.

The design/build process also allows more involvement of subcontractors at the initial phases of building design. This allows our subs to start the project with complete knowledge of the systems of the house, allowing them to move efficiently through their work process. We pride ourselves on working with skilled artisans throughout the Portland Metro area and appreciate their contributions to our collaborative projects. We consider ourselves modern craftsmen – taking pride in our work, individually and as a team assembling a carefully considered home.

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Four Square designs and builds all projects to meet Earth Advantage green-building and home energy efficiency standards. We believe that energy efficiency is THE smart thing to do in new construction. We invest in your house by building very tight building envelopes with whole house system energy modeling – from daylighting to fresh air distribution systems. We build high efficiency homes!

Our sustainability practices extend throughout the design and construction process – from advanced framing techniques that minimize waste to low-VOC finishes.

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We believe you can built a high-quality and high-performing home that is affordable and attractive. We not only build in Portland, but we live here as well. We respect the character of the city and strive to see that our projects ‘fit’ the neighborhood. Most importantly we want owners of our houses to be proud of their homes and affectionately care for them in the same spirit they were built!

We offer design/build services to one client/project at a time. We have an unique pricing and cost of construction approach that works to maximize your budget, reduce construction time, and minimize builder conflict. All of our projects incorporate and consider high efficiency building practices. If interested in our custom home design/build services please send an email to

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